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Every home, every business premises needs maintenance and unexpected problems arise from time to time too, usually at the most inconvenient time! How much time and stress would it save if, rather than leafing through Yellow Pages or other guides, you had one phone number in your phone or kept beside it that you could ring and know you could rely on getting the right tradesperson for the job without delay. Not just any tradesperson mind, but one thatís fully insured, turns up on time and do a first class job at a reasonable price.

That's exactly what Coombes Carpentry is there for! Building maintenance either exterior or interior, house, bungalow, shop, office factory, any kind of building large or small. Our fully insured services cover every aspect of property maintenance, as well as first class carpentry work of every kind. Painting and decorating, emergency and routine electrical and plumbing services, replacing broken windows, we have the qualified trades-people on hand to handle any of these and much more besides.

Our rates are highly competitive because we believe that many property owners, domestic or commercial, find themselves being overcharged for building maintenance services that are not always reliable. We are here to change that and are committed to providing top quality work, reliability and excellent value for money. We treat our customers fairly and they keep on coming back to us because they like what we do for them.