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Draught- Proofing

We can stop those chilly draughts from your wooden doors and windows that are not only uncomfortable but are costing you money as well!

Lock Fitting

You may well need new locks fitted after a burglary too. Thatís another service you can leave to us, not only after a break-in but any time you need a new lock for whatever reason.

Sash Window Repair and Refurbishment

Sash Window Repair and Refurbishment. Over time sash windows can become not only draughty but difficult to open and close as they no longer run straight or the sash cords and pulleys get worn and maybe seize. We can restore them to their original efficiency and fit. Where the wood has been attacked by rot we can usually deal with that too. If it is too far gone we can replace the window with a new one made to match.

Burglary Repairs

If you have had the misfortune of a visit by burglars you may well need work carried out to repair the damage caused. Once the SOCOs have done their work and youíve been given the go-ahead you will want the work done promptly. Just call Coombes Carpentry and be surprised at just how quickly our van appears outside! Youíll be impressed with the quality of our workmanship too.